Low Temperature Hood, Emerald Green (Custom Order 7/18/23)


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If you are going to be out when it is cold and are a side sleeper, you should consider one of our down hoods. A hood allows you to rotate from side to back to side in the sleeping bag or quilt while keeping the face opening properly located on your head. You can even do this with a mummy bag by putting your head through the face opening and snugging the draw cord around the hood at the neck. When it is cold a knitted hat is not enough insulation. The head covering insulation thickness should be similar to that of the bag or quilt. We have added under-arm nylon straps to the hood to maintain the orientation of the hood on the user’s head. The hoods use 10D nylon on the outside with 20D silnylon used in areas of potential moisture accumulation. The inside of the hood is either 10D nylon, to be used with an Aries Quilt of our standard Taurus Bag, or aluminized Dyneema®, to be used with our Taurus VRB™ Bag. We use 800 fill power goosed down in our hoods. The nylon lined hoods use our standard 80% overfill while the VRB Hoods use a 100% overfill.